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Dentists in Pembroke Pines

Our team of experienced and qualified General Dentists and Dental Hygienists can look after all of your dental health requirements. Our team also incorporates a highly skilled support staff, ensuring all our patients receive the highest standards of service and care.

Dr. Igor Pasisnitchenko DDS

Dr. Igor Pasisnitchenko DDS

Dr. Igor is highly trained with the knowledge and experience to provide you with quality Cosmetic, Restorative, General and Implant services. Our commitment is to provide you with the most advanced dental ...

Dr. Irina Spivak DDS

Dr. Irina Spivak DDS

Dr. Irina Spivak received her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine and her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Massachusetts Boston, ...

Dr. Sergio J. Jacas DMD

Dr. Sergio J. Jacas DMD

Dr. Sergio Jacas was born in Bayamo, Cuba. He is a general dentist providing comprehensive dental care for adult and children. Dr. Jacas completed his undergraduate studies at Florida Atlantic University, ...

Dr. Agueda Perez-Diaz DMD

Dr. Agueda Perez-Diaz DMD

Dr. Agueda Perez-Diaz is dedicated in making your smile the best it can while focusing on improving your quality of life. Emphasizing the importance of education when considering the most proper care for ...

Dr. Dina Bobrova DDS

Dr. Dina Bobrova DDS

Dr. Bobrova is passionate about preventive dentistry and believes dentistry should be team work between a doctor and a patient. ...

Dr. Pavel Ivanov DMD

Dr. Pavel Ivanov DMD

Throughout his professional career, Dr. Pavel Ivanov has created almost 2,000 beautiful new smiles for patients from age 7 to 67 throughout North and South Florida. ...

Dental care services

High-quality oral treatment requires a comprehensive approach.

The patient may be concerned about only one tooth, but this does not mean that all the rest teeth are healthy and do not require treatment. Dentists at G Dental clinic have full range of dental services. The main goal of our dentists is not just to cure the aching tooth, but to achieve full recovery of the oral cavity and create a beautiful smile.

  1. The first examination and subsequent free-of-charge advice by doctors specializing in different areas of dentistry (based on the recommendation of the attending physician).
  2. Accurate diagnosis.
  3. The ability to cure diseases of the teeth and gums of any complexity in the same clinic.

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Our Dental Services

Dental implants

Thanks to the modern implant technology, your implanted teeth will look completely natural and will not differ from your own ones. This is a good opportunity to restore teeth and regain the lost aesthetics.

Teeth whitening

Wide white smile looks beautiful, is aesthetically pleasing, and is an indicator of high social status of its owner. White teeth ensure success in society and in business.

Cosmetic dentistry

Nowadays many people turn to cosmetic dentistry, or ‘aesthetic dentistry', as a way of improving their appearance. They do this in the same way they might use cosmetic surgery or even a new hairstyle. The treatments can be used to straighten, lighten, reshape and repair teeth. Cosmetic treatments include veneers, crowns, bridges, tooth-coloured fillings, implants and tooth whitening.


Braces are a kind of treatment that solves the problem of misplaced teeth, wrong bite, as well as discomfort or pain in the joints. Besides that, it is one of the most effective ways to restore the smile aesthetics.

Gum Treatment

Gum treatment represents a number of surgical and non-surgical procedures, which aim to restore the health and aesthetic appearance of the gums and the tooth bone.


Dental prosthetics along with implantation and restoration forms the basis for solving dental issues related to missing or destructed teeth.

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is a necessary procedure in many clinical situations. The purpose of this type of treatment is to save the tooth or tooth root, and ultimately, to preserve the tooth in a healthy condition.

Restorative dentistry

Depending on the diagnosis, the physician selects appropriate material for restoration, which gives the maximum effect. The dental center G Dental uses only most modern and effective materials.

Children's dentistry

Specialists of Pediatric Dentistry at G Dental dental clinic help each little patient to get rid of the fear of doctors and dentists. All dental treatment procedures are carried out completely painless!

Best Dentist I Have Ever Had - John, October 2015

"Dr. Igor Pasisnitchenko is an excellent dentist. He took the time to explain every procedure he was doing. For example, when I got my teeth whitened, Dr. Igor was very supportive, and thorough when explaining the process. He is a professional and has a naturally lovely personality. I would recommend Dr. Igor to everyone. He is the best dentist I have ever had."

Great Experience! - Gladys, January 2016

"Thank you Dr. Jacas for the great experience and quality work you have done on my teeth. My family and I have been pleased with your professional, yet personable, service. See you soon. Gladys. Xoxo"

Highly recommend! - Ronald, March 2014

"I would like to thank Dr. Igor and staff for their impeccable patient care and dedication to their clients. I have always found them to be very professional with a personal touch to their service. As an example, Dr. Igor has always contacted me after any dental procedure to make sure I was doing okay and see if there was anything I needed. My family has enjoyed the care we receive and have respected Dr. Igor’s advice even when dealing with issues such as cancer treatment planning to assure the current and future health of my husband’s teeth. I have used him for many different services over the last ten years and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for excellence in overall dental care. Thank you so much."

Very professional! - Robert, April 2016

"My wife I have had the pleasure of coming to Dr. Igor Pasisnitchenko’s office for the past 13 years. Dr. Igor has exceeded our expectations in providing us with excellent dental care and promoting good dental health. After any dental procedure, he always calls us back for follow-up progress and addresses all of our questions, a nice touch."

She is the best! - Rita, December 2015

"Niurka, our dental hygienist is the best. She is gentle, very professional, and comforting. We always leave with sparkling and squeaky clean teeth."

She is the best! - Sofia, February 2014

"Valeria is most proficient in assisting Dr. Igor Pasisnitchenko which certainly enhances patient outcome. Thank you! You are the best!"

Makes us feel welcomed. - George, July 2015

"Michelle has always been there with her smile. She makes us feel welcomed and take care of all of our scheduling and insurance claims. Thank you! Xoxo. We always recommend our friends and entrust our family members to the care of Dr. Igor Pasisnitchesnko, D.D.S., and his staff. "

Dental costs

Why do so many people put off going to the dentist? Do you think that’s because of the fear of pain? Not necessarily! Most likely people are just repelled by the high cost of services. We at G Dental clinic are here to always please you with reasonable prices, so our patients can afford beautiful and healthy smile, regardless of the thickness of their purse.

  • Is it necessary to treat baby teeth?

    A:Treating baby teeth is certainly necessary, as a complication of the disease can lead to tooth extraction, which in turn negatively affects the eruption of permanent teeth, as well as the general state of the oral cavity.

  • What is the warranty for an implant?

    A:Usually the manufacturer of implants gives the warranty on implant. Typically, known systems have a long-term (10-15 years), or even lifetime warranty. Warranty on the crowns depends on the materials and on the manufacturer. The maximum warranty is given to the zirconium dioxide tooth crowns. Our dental clinic gives warranty on all of our work.

  • How to get rid of yellow teeth?

    A:Effective remedy for yellow teeth is a regular and thorough hygiene using an appropriate toothbrush and toothpaste recommended by your dentist. If yellowness does not disappear, you should resort to modern professional methods of teeth whitening. The most common one is bleaching using splints or laser whitening where the whitening gel is activated with laser.

  • Are there any restrictions after professional tooth cleaning?

    A:There are no special requirements for the care of teeth after professional cleaning as a whole. The only rule is strict adherence to the dentist instructions on oral hygiene. To save the result for as long as possible, you should stop smoking and eating a large amount of dye products.

  • What if I broke off a piece of a tooth?

    A: Nowadays there are a variety of methods for restoring teeth. If a small piece of the tooth chipped, it is most effective to restore the tooth using composites. If the crown of a tooth is completely destroyed, but the root is intact, you can increase the tooth using a pin - a special metal rod that is implanted in the root, and set the crown on top of it. There are other options, they all depend on the situation and the extent of destruction.

  • How to treat a toothache?

    A:Toothache, like any other pain it is a sign of a developing disease, so it is necessary to turn to the dentist and get the treatment at the sign of slightest discomfort. The sooner you do so, the faster the recovery will come, so you won’t have to self-medicate and to take painkillers, they will only be able to blunt the pain for some time, but will not eliminate its cause

  • How long do implants last?

    A: The term of service of implants depends on several factors, the main ones being: the quality of the implant, the quality of its installation, the amount of chewing load, the individual characteristics of the body and health of the patient. In addition, an important role is played by careful dental care and oral hygiene.

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