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G-Dental clinic
by Dr. Igor Pasisnitchenko, D.D.S.

Your pathway to a bright new smile
Qualitative treatment of the oral cavity requires
an integrated approach

Complex dental care

The patient may only be bothered by one tooth, but this does not mean that everyone else is healthy. G-Dental specialists provide the whole range of dental services. Each primary patient is examined by more than one doctor, and specialists of a different profile of the dental clinic. The main goal of our dentists is not just to cure a sick tooth, but to achieve full recovery of the oral cavity and create a beautiful smile.

An integrated approach to treatment in G-Dental is

  • The first inspection and subsequent free consultations with doctors specializing in different areas of dentistry (on the recommendation of the attending physician)
  • Precise diagnosis
  • The ability to cure diseases of teeth and gums of any complexity in one clinic
What we offer

General Services

Cosmetic Dentistry

This is dentistry with a purpose of enhancing your smile and creating a remarkable change in your teeth.

General Dentistry

General dentists provide services related to the general maintenance of oral hygiene and tooth health


Orthodontics is a kind of oral health treatment that aims on improving the alignment of the jaws and teeth.

Children`s Dentistry

For your child to grow healthy permanent teeth, it is recommended to visit a professional dentist at least once in every six months for checkup.

Dental Implants

Generally dental implants are considered a standard way of replacing missing teeth.

Dental Emergency

Helping thousands of people each year find immediate dental services


Award Winning Dentists

At G-Dental, our friendly staff can speak English, Spanish and Russian and is committed to providing our patients modern and gentle care. In our dental office, our greatest achievement is seeing your confidence improve as you share your smile with others.

Doctor of Dental Medicine
Dr. Patricia P. Marchese
Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry
Dr. Pavel Ivanov
Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry
Dr. Sergio J. Jacas

Patient Testimonials

What Have We Achieved

Beginning of new age of dentistry

How to find the right dentist?

Here’s the the few tips and I think it would be helpful in a tough search for the right dentist:

  • first, would be “word of the mouth”, your friends and family members, people who actually had treatment done, been in office and liked the dentist.
  • Now days, with all that technology available to us at the palm of your hand, very busy schedule and limited free time – the Internet or Google search would be the answer.
Use your advantage
All of our treatments and services are provided in a comfortable clinic, designed according to high-quality standards.

Special Offers

What we would like to see there:

Its a very helpful tool to discover what kind of reputation that dentist has and will give you comfort before making the decision

Open reviews

Can he or she truly listen; did you get all the answers and options about treatment (and not just expensive one). And most important- is this the dentist you will feel comfortable working with. Can you trust him?

Dental office gallery

How long that dentist have been practicing? What treatment options available to you? is equipment up to date and etc.

Patients smiles gallery

Working hours. Do they have early or late hours? Are they open on weekends? How soon can you get an appointment?

Our contacts
All those little things make you feel more comfortable and help you make a right decision about certain dentist or dental office. So on that note, I would like to invite you to G-Dental, where we can offer a full array of treatments and options, to help keep a beautiful and healthy smile.