For only $3200 and monthly as low as $120

Free cleaning
Free retainers
Free whitening's

Don`t wait too long

• Cleaning worth $500
• Whitening $300
• Retainers $500

G-Dental clinic by Dr. Igor Pasisnitchenko, D.D.S.
Most advanced cosmetic and aesthetic dental procedures
Implant + Crown
Dental implant as low as $ 2200

Beginning of new age of dentistry

How to find the right dentist?

Here's the the few tips and I think it would be helpful in a tough search for the right dentist:

  • first, would be "word of the mouth", your friends and family members, people who actually had treatment done, been in office and liked the dentist.
  • Now days, with all that technology available to us at the palm of your hand, very busy schedule and limited free time - the Internet or Google search would be the answer.

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What we would like to see there:

  • Reviews. Its a very helpful tool to discover what kind of reputation that dentist has and will give you comfort before making the decision;
  • Experience. How long that dentist have been practicing ?what treatment options available to you ? is equipment up to date and etc.
  • Personality. Can he or she truly listen; did you get all the answers and options about treatment (and not just expensive one). And most important- is this the dentist you will feel comfortable working with. Can you trust him?
  • Last but not least, Availability. Working hours. Do they have early or late hours? Are they open on weekends? How soon can you get an appointment?

All those little things make you feel more comfortable and help you make a right decision about certain dentist or dental office.
So on that note, I would like to invite you to G-Dental, where we can offer a full array of treatments and options ,to help keep a beautiful and healthy smile.

Years of company
Patients a year
> 10000
Happy patients
Years of experience

Teeth whitening in G-DENTAL: a snow-white smile is available to everyone!

White teeth are associated in most people with a successful and beautiful life.

When a person has no reason to doubt his smile, he easily comes into contact with people, fascinates them and achieves his goals!

Specialists of implantation and dental centers G Dental conduct various procedures for teeth whitening, which makes the service accessible to a wide range of people.


Qualitative treatment of the oral cavity requires an integrated approach

The patient may only be bothered by one tooth, but this does not mean that everyone else is healthy. G Dental specialists provide the whole range of dental services. Each primary patient is examined by more than one doctor, and specialists of a different profile of the dental clinic. The main goal of our dentists is not just to cure a sick tooth, but to achieve full recovery of the oral cavity and create a beautiful smile.

An integrated approach to treatment in G-Dental is

  1. The first inspection and subsequent free consultations with doctors specializing in different areas of dentistry (on the recommendation of the attending physician)
  2. Precise diagnosis
  3. The ability to cure diseases of teeth and gums of any complexity in one clinic

Igor Pasisnitchenko, D.D.S.

We are glad to see that we have patients who share our ideology about impeccable quality and service for a reasonable price. People who care about their health and appreciate the recommendations of their friends, realizing that you can only trust verified information. To all our patients we treat with special warmth and love, as to real friends. We carefully monitor the quality of work, use only proven materials and provide mandatory guarantees. We used to think about "little things" and appreciate your time!


Dr. Sergio J. Jacas

Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry


Dr. Pavel Ivanov

Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry


Dr. Patricia P. Marchese

Doctor of Dental Medicine

Dental services in Pembroke Pines


Cosmetic dentistry

The treatments can be used to straighten, lighten, reshape and repair teeth. Cosmetic treatments include veneers, crowns, bridges, tooth-coloured fillings, implants and tooth whitening.

Beautiful smiling girl with tooth tray (hands holding individual tooth tray)


Braces are a kind of treatment that solves the problem of misplaced teeth, wrong bite, as well as discomfort or pain in the joints.


Dental implants

Thanks to the modern implant technology, your implanted teeth will look completely natural and will not differ from your own ones.


General dentistry

Our office gives patients access to a broad selection of general dentistry treatments. People who want to attain and maintain strong oral health can depend on our expertise and abilities.

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Smiles of our patients

We are ready to show you our cases. In our gallery you will find examples of works of implantation, teeth whitening, crowns, veneers and others. Appreciate our skill!

Anca Nicoara-Velazquez
Anca Nicoara-Velazquez

For years I've tired different dentist locals. So many others would try to get me to do work I didn't feel like I needed. Started coming to this location. The staff is wonderful and I love the work they do. Dentist is honest and his work is awesome.

Eric Christian

G-Dental and the staff of Dr. Pasisnitchenko are very professional and provide its patients with the highest level of customer service. What I appreciate most is that they are very thoughtful and do their best to accommodate patient appointments. I would recommend them to anyone looking for dental services.

Julianna Forsythe

I have lived in many states and have been to a lot of dentists and endodontists, and no one has been as skilled and technology advanced as Dr. Igor. If you are in pain, they do everything they can to see you right away. After a surgery, they call me the next day to see how I ask doing and that means a lot to me.

Linda Powell
Linda Powell

I have been going to Dr Igor Pasisnitchenko office for several years now he has always been kind and caring i have had to have a few crowns and a root canal done dr always made sure i comfortable also i am glad to see he has expanded the office and staff of caring people.