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ClearCorrect - Dentists in Pembroke Pines. G-Dental


ClearCorrect is a clear, mostly-invisible alternative to braces that is designed to fix crooked teeth, spaces, and underbites or overbites. ClearCorrect uses a process that involves a number of transparent, replaceable aligners that evens out teeth over a period of time.

What ClearCorrect Can Fix

The alignment process can handle many different scenarios:

  • Crowded teeth
  • Spaces or gaps between teeth
  • Overbites and underbites
  • Crooked or twisted teeth

Who Can Use ClearCorrect

Teenagers and adults can use ClearCorrect. Children can’t be treated until all of their molars have grown in. Senior citizens can sometimes use ClearCorrect, but not always. Senior citizens often have special issues that might not be compatible with the alignment process.

The Process

If you are thinking about using ClearCorrect to align crooked teeth, you should be aware of how the process works. Your dentist will send all of your relevant information to a ClearCorrect laboratory. They will need to have very accurate information so that they can custom-make the mold to fit your mouth. The technicians will study your situation and work out a plan to reposition your teeth in accordance with your wishes.

You will be able to access this plan online before the mold is made so that you can ask for corrections if need be.

You will be able to see a computer-generated image of how your mouth looks presently and how it will look once the process is complete. From there, the team will use a digital mapping process to create your custom aligners.

How ClearCorrect Works

You are going to end up wearing many sets of different aligners. You will wear one for three weeks and then you will wear a new set for three weeks. Each one will bring your teeth more and more in the correct position.

You will wear the aligners most of the time, except when you are eating or brushing your teeth. The aligners are clear and most people won’t even notice that you have them on. It shouldn’t take long until you start seeing the results. You’ll need to check in with your dentist a few times so that they can monitor your progress and make sure that everything is going smoothly.

The process is faster for some than others, depending on the condition of their teeth. It usually is a long-term project that takes one to two years to complete. There are a few different ClearCorrect plans available:

  • Unlimited: The patient can have as many aligners as they need to make their way through the correction process.
  • Limited 12: The patient will receive a total of 12 aligners.
  • Limited 6: The patient will receive a total of 6 aligners.

Unlimited is the most expensive form of treatment. To find out the exact pricing and what your insurance covers, you should check with the Boynton Laser Dental Center. The center does a lot of work with ClearCorrect and can address any questions or concerns you might have.

Full Exam + X-rays $50
Cleaning starts in $95
Teeth Whitening starts in $125
Botox Consultation free
Ortho Consultation
(Includes Panoramic X-ray)
Implant Consultation
(Includes Panoramic X-ray)
Wisdom Teeth Consultation
(Includes Panoramic X-ray)


Paying for your dental care has never been easier. We offer payment options to fit within most budgets. Healthcare costs can be costly for most families, which is why we have several options to ensure you receive the care you need. We encourage you to speak with our team to discuss affordable payment options for your dental care.

  • Most dental insurance
  • Essential Dental Plan
  • Care Credit third party financing
  • Cash & personal check
  • Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover